Laboratory of Muscle Biology - Caption

Photo of actin filaments grown from a nano-fan pattern.

Actin filaments grown from a nano-fan pattern. As a first step towards reconstructing the contractile machinery of skeletal and cardiac sarcomeres, a bottom-up fabrication paradigm was successfully applied to engineer vertical actin filaments unidirectionally from initiation sites on nanopatterns featuring 100nm dimensions. This was accomplished by first attaching biotinylated gelsolin fragments as nucleating centers. The confocal images of fluorescently labeled (red) streptavidin indicates the pattern while the green labeled actin reveals the long (~5 Ám) actin filaments. This image was produced on the new Leica SP5 confocal microscope in the Light Imaging Section. (Branden Brough, Kristien J. Zaal, Jeffrey G. Forbes, and Kuan Wang).

Updated October 30, 2009